Be Found Online is an industry leader in developing digital strategies for patient recruitment service providers. Considering the importance of audience segmentation in clinical trial enrollment, this should come as no surprise. Our experience in conducting highly targeted paid search and social campaigns based on lifestyle and behavioral demographics makes us the ideal partner for your next recruitment campaign.

How Be Found Online Does It Differently

Identifying Opportunities
At BFO, we research extensively to identify new opportunities for accelerating your patient enrollment. We track attribution using state-of-the-art technology that keeps us linked with third-party reporting. Other research tools allow us to identify trends and keep up with new developments in the industry.

Analytics Consulting
At Be Found Online, we’re driven by analytics. Our expertise enables us to provide actionable, data-driven website recommendations that help you achieve maximum ROI. The BFO team can enhance your website’s effectiveness with helpful CRO advice and SEO guidance.

Quick & Efficient Optimization

At BFO, we understand patient recruitment efforts provide a limited period of time to reach a narrowly-focused audience. Failing to meet timelines for patient recruitment can increase costs and delay your path to the sales market. We’ll work with you, get to know your audience, and engage with them quickly so your clinical trial can meet crucial deadlines.

Reaching Your Audience through Cross-Media Channels

The BFO team has experience working across a vast number of mediums to increase the exposure of your paid advertising campaigns. One of our specialties is developing integrating campaigns for a comprehensive patient recruitment approach. Blending your paid search campaigns on popular search engines with your paid social strategies on high-traffic outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is a crucial component to your marketing efforts.

YouTube has been an especially valuable medium for our patient recruitment campaigns; we’ve increased referrals by up to 30 percent advertising on this platform.

Google Analytics and Landing Page Consulting

With so little time to reach your target market, making quick use of analytical tools and carefully optimizing your landing pages is vital to maximizing the exposure of your patient recruitment campaign. Our Google Analytics and landing page consulting services will increase conversion rates and accelerate your recruitment efforts.

Contact BFO to learn more about how our marketing expertise can enhance your patient recruitment campaigns.